Atlanta based guitar player, Johnna Jeong works as a performer and instructor. With a background in Classical music, Jazz, South American Latin styles, World music, Blues, and popular music, she maintains a busy schedule as a musician. Performing as a soloist for Private Events, Weddings, Country Clubs, and..., she also works with ensembles throughout the Southeast. In addition to being a solo artist and working in other music collaborations, being a committed music educator is also a priority.  

Her 2014 solo guitar CD release "SoloMe" has inched it's way to US and Canada's radio play.  "SoloMe" is a collection of Latin, contemporary, and original guitar compositions and is now available at CD Baby, Amazon, CD Universe, and  I-tunes.


Johnna Jeong: SoloMe

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Missing In Action or just a breather from social media? A little of both for me, so let me fill in the blanks since my last update in December.
Magazine articles and reviews: I was flattered to be in the December issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine demoing Santa Cruz Guitars, and look forward to the upcoming Fanfare magazine and Classical Guitar magazine for my CD review. As a DIY musician, I am amazed at the progress made in 2014 for "SoloMe" that still continues develop in 2015, so thanks again to Phoenix Classical for the support.  
New Location: I have moved to a different area of Atlanta and I am now teaching guitar lessons in Vinings and also in my Buckhead studio. New students are welcome, fill out the contact form and I'll get back with you promptly.
Music Performances: With wedding season around the corner my schedule is quickly filling up, though inquiries are welcome. If I am ever unavailable, I'd be happy to recommend a fellow musician that would be suitable for your event.
Please note, I don't always indicate all of my performances on my "Gigs & Stuff " schedule since they are mostly private events. I do have some more public events I'm conjuring up for the summer, so stay tuned.
What I've been listening to: I'm the kind of listener that will keep the same CD spinning in my car for a month or two. If it's really good and well produced, I hear something new every time I listen to it...even it's the 50th time. So this month has been Jimmy Herring's "Subject to Change Without Notice. Such a master improvisor that I never tire of.

Much on the Horizon 

Just a quick update on recent projects. SoloMe has been getting a great deal of airplay throughout North America and Canada and was a featured CD on a few NPR stations. Here a link to the featured CDs of the week in Maryland: http://wsclblog.blogspot.ca/
Secondly, the short film "Greener Grass" will be released in 2015 contains my very first compositions in film placement (I also had a small speaking role). This is the first of hopefully many more placed compositions.

Holiday Music 

Christmas guitar music is back in season. Please stay tuned, I'll be posting some of my favorite solo guitar arrangements arrangements in the coming months for you to print and try out for yourself. If you have any song requests feel free to send me a quick message. In the mean time, I'll be getting some of my adult guitar students prepared for a Christmas concert at Northside Hospital.
** Now accepting children and adult guitar students in the Brookhaven and Buckhead areas of Atlanta **

Never Stop Learning 

For those that enjoy self-education. I recently started taking courses at www.coursera.org after a friend turned my on to the website.
Berklee College of Music offers a few courses well worth looking into, maybe I'll see you there (virtually of course).


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"In her debut CD, Johnna Jeong opens a window to her soul by giving us a glimpse at the music she holds most closely to her heart. "Solo Me" is a collection of Spanish/South-American compositions, as well as several works composed by Jeong, all of which gracefully bridge the gap between classical guitar, jazz, and popular styles. The album as a whole has an immediate and broad appeal, all the while exploring immense musical and emotive depth. All of the selections feature distinctive rhythms, bold compositional gestures, and haunting extended harmonies. Jeong displays an effortless command of the instrument as she navigates the complex interpretive language that this style of music demands, bringing to life the spirit of this powerful and unique genre. "Solo Me" is a perfect introduction to Jeong, showcasing not only her outstanding playing, but also the music she holds most dear." © Timothy Smith
"This debut release from guitarist Jeong is a pleasure, and will appeal to a wide variety of listeners.  Jeong's electic musical taste is reflected in the variety of works that flow from traditional classical guitar into the borders of Latin, and of jazz.  Pretty mix of music here that is both smart and entertaining." WSCL Public Radio